Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Netherlands vs Germany Preview

The second game of the day will be between two of the tournament's favorites, the Netherlands and Germany.

The Netherlands suffered a shock opening day defeat to Denmark after missing a host of chances, Germany squeezed past a determined Portugal side in their first game. The two sides have a long and historic rivalry, so the opportunity for the Germans to effectively knock out the Dutch will be a delight for them.

In their opening game, Germany did their usual thing of getting the win by hook or by crook, their performances should only improve however they did lose their second game of the World Cup in 2010, shockingly to Serbia. In 1988 (the year the Netherlands won the competition), they lost their opening game of the tournament to the Soviet Union so not all hope is lost.

To win this match the Dutch will have to take their chances (unlike against Denmark), don't be surprised if they hit back and prove themselves to be the contenders they were tipped to be. Germany have three points in the bag but Denmark could be three points clear by the time they play, so they will want to take control of the group and end the hopes of their long time rivals.

Like the other game, I can see this being a draw, it's a match where both teams dare not lose and I can see the Netherlands going into the final game needing a favour from the Germans. I fully expect Germany to qualify and get to the final of the competition, then who knows.

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