Saturday, 14 July 2012

Haye Defeats Chisora

In his comeback fight, David Haye has defeated Dereck Chisora to send a huge message to Vitali Klitschko.

The former heavyweight champion of the world, stopped 'Del Boy' in the fifth round after four very tight rounds. Haye edged most of the rounds but it was by no means comfortable for the Haymaker who was being caused a few problems by the forward moving Chisora.

After all the build up, the first round was fiery with Chisora forcing Haye to throw alot more shots than usual, although he was on the backfoot, Haye was using enough force to keep Chisora at arms length. The second round was much of the same with the Haymaker just edging a close round.

The end of the third was where it all set off, the referee and the fighters failed to hear the bell as Chisora caught Haye to put the former world champion in all kinds of trouble, he would have been relieved to see the end of the round. The fourth saw Haye being caught more as Chisora was getting into the fight more however the Haymaker again edged this round.

The fifth became the dramatic round though as for the first time his career, Dereck Chisora was knocked to the floor as a slick looking Haye took control of the fight. Del Boy bravely got up and tried to retaliate but got knocked down again leaving the ref no choice but to end the fight.

The fighters embraced after the fight which was good to see, I'm not sure where Chisora goes from here to be honest, he's lost all his big fights and will struggle to recover from this. Haye looked very classy in this fight and surely a bout with Vitali Klitschko awaits.


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