Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Why Electing Romney Would Be Going Backwards

Today is the day of the 57th United States Presidential elections. The nominees, the current President Barack Hussein Obama (Democrat) and his adversary, Willard Mitt Romney (Republican) or just 'Mitt' to his friends.

Four years ago Barack Obama did what many had dreamed of but never thought possible, he became the first black President of the United States of America. The charismatic Harvard Law School graduate, strolled into the White House promising change for a financially crippled America following eight years of George W Bush. So has Obama been a success?.

Well not massively no, yes he's stabilized the economy somewhat but unemployment levels are still very high and with less jobs out there, some of his follows have lost faith. Obamacare has been controversial to say the least, the scheme will cost billions of dollars and despite the fact it will help the poorest citizens, a lot of Americans are furious at the idea. As former President Bill Clinton said however, Obama has done: 'A good job with a bad hand', a hand that was left for him by the Republican party.

Now to his opponent Mitt Romney, a 65 year old white Republican man born into a rich family, sound familiar? (see George W Bush). Romney is probably the kind of representative that the Republican party have wet dreams about, which must be worrying for the US public (if your not rich). Now as I've said previously, Obama hasn't been all he said he was going to be, however surely he has to be a better alternative than Romney.

If Mitt Romney was to become the 45th President of the United States of America, then any kind of health care for the poor will be one of the first things to go, actually anything helping the poor would probably go with the economy not benefiting. Romney seems the kind of man that is comfortable at upper class dinner parties in his expensive suit looking all mighty and powerful. This is not the person America needs right now (or ever really), they need someone who is willing to try and make really change happen and as for right now, that is Barack Obama because anything else would be a backwards step.  


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