Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Olympics, Is It All Worth It?

The Olympics is so near now that you can almost taste it, but when all is said and done, will it all be worth it?.

The bill for hosting the games will be a staggering 9 billion pounds!, in these times of financial struggle it seems unreal that the country is spending that kind of money on a sporting event. With huge numbers in unemployment and with more financial cuts expected, it is hard to imagine that everyone is in the Olympic Games spirit heading into the summer.

People have been told that the games are for the British public, however two-thirds of people who applied for tickets for the games missed out and the alternatitive is to watch on the big screens around the country. So aside from sampling the atmosphere in the parks, you would be essentialy be watching the events on a television, well great that's what most do with other Olympics whilst not having to pay any part of their taxes towards it. With a high number of tickets going to corporate sponsors, the public could be forgiven for thinking that they are being alienated from the games.

Another reason given for hosting is that the event will give the country a lift in these difficult times, but as explained above, to many, it may as well be just another television event in another country. Then there's the national pride of our fellow Brits winning medals, which of course the same public would feel the same if it were taking place in another country (recurring theme). Not forgetting of course the tourism factor for the country, unless the sum adds up to 9 billion or more, I can't see how this is going to make a difference.

For the sports fans there are exciting prospects for the Olympics, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Ian Thorpe ect. But unless you are at the events experiencing it live, how is it any more special than watching them at other events down the years. Then there are the non sports fans that have to contribute to this massive bill, with no interest whatsoever about what will take place. To them this will hardly seem fair and who can blame them for feeling that way?.

So come September 10 (the day after the end of the Paralympics), will we be full of national pride?, Will we be in awe of the power that the games has brought? And most importantly, will it all have been worth it?.

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