Thursday, 1 March 2012

Should Religion Be Taught in Schools?

It is a subject that divides opinion across the country but should religion be part of the school curriculum.

There are many that believe the subject should play no part in state education, there is no proof for any religion of any existence of any kind. Religion is about beliefs and ultimately opinion, so why should these beliefs be dictated in schools, not to mention the fact that if you cover one religion, you have to cover all the other main ones.

What percentage of jobs are taken in the religious sector?, I would imagine a small percentage and although you could say the same about P.E, that subject does encourage people to exercise for the sake of their overall health. So the time studying religion will be seen as a waste by some, with atheists not believing whilst believers already being taught the subject by perhaps their parents or maybe their Sunday school teachers.

Although supporters of the subject will have some very good arguments to counter these thoughts. For instance they may say that religion is about having good values such as treating your fellow beings as equals and having respect for your fellow man. These are all values that most parents wish to install into their children and alot of stories from religions writings do have valuable meanings behind them.

Following last summer's riots across the UK, many MPs were suggesting that the values the people of Britain once stood for have now evaporated, would scrapping religion in schools send out the wrong message to the young people of today who are being brought into this so called 'crumbling society.'

So with pros and cons to both sides of the argument, there is a sense more than ever that good values in society is vitally important but do they have to come from religion and does religion still have a place in state education?.

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